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A sneak peak at our weekly specials, star ingredients and recipes

Vegetable Power

1-of-their-5 a day as a minimum from blended vegetables (with the option of adding fruit)


Eating is

an experience

Fun food concepts that are delicious, healthy, and exciting for children


Enjoy New


Improve variety and exposure to new foods and ingredients


The Little Lunchbox

A complete meal solution packed with fresh fruit and vegetables

Creative and exciting foods completely different from what is available on the market.

Delivered direct to you

Meals ready in 2 minutes

Other Brands

Main meals only with no options of fruit, vegetables or snacks.

Similar types of meals usually orientated around pasta, pie's, or curry's

Purchased from supermarkets

Oven cooked from frozen

Home Meals

Meals are directly related to the time available at home

Meals depend on the experience and culinary knowledge of the cook at home


Ingredients from supermarket

Time consuming